A busy weekend at Chili Pepper Garage

Building a diorama is always my goal until now, I wished and I tried step by step to make it happen. I consider one of the most important elements in my diorama is ‘human’, without this element, no matter how beauty, how detailed the diorama is, it’s still ‘dry’, lack of lively. Fortunately, I found two set of human figures made in Japan by Fujimi last year! That was a BIG good news to me! The plastic that Fujimi used to made this set is high quality, beautiful and easy to smoothen.

Today, I put it together but haven’t paint them yet cause I need to learn more how to paint the figure properly, I just have only ONE chance to try it! If I failed at first attempt, that must be a disaster, cause find a second set like this in Vietnam is impossible!

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